About Us
Laki 131 Ltd. Plovdiv was registered in 2003 as the successor of the founder in 1991. LAKI 131 Emil Ruskov. The main activity is cast in details from aluminum and royal alloys under high pressure. The company is ISO 9001: 2000 certified since October 2005 with the updated ISO 9001: 2008 certificate from 01.10.2010. The staff is formed by young professionals who are well qualified. The instantaneous capacity is about 1200 tons of aluminum castings per year and freight around 400 tons per year. The mission of the company is to meet the needs of consumers across a wide range of market opportunities as it does not increase opportunities and new markets with new products and new technologies. The company offers its products to Bulgarian and foreign producers from different sectors of industry. The company is casting with a cold chamber. The casting cycle is different by inserting the type, weight, and thickness of the workpiece. Includes: melting and laminating of aluminum alloy parts, subsequent mechanical cleaning, drilling of holes, thread recovery, grinding and finishing and machining of all kinds of parts we refer to. Production of LACI 131 is made up of parts owned by manufacturers - battery terminals and safety car matrices carried for the automotive industry. The main revenues of the company are generated by the customer-driven customer-matrix for manufacturing enterprises in Bulgaria and EU countries from various sectors of industry - machine building, construction, furniture, electrical, automotive. The credit point of the company on the Bulgarian market is: "Elprom Harmanli" - Harmanli (electric power industry) and others. In the foreign market, the main client of the company is: "ATB Wolong" Poland (electric motors) "Lenze GmbH" (reducers for machine building and electrical engineering), "Husqvarna" Bulgaria (construction equipment and machinery) Also German companies like METABOWERKE GmBH (electric machines), Destech (power engineering) and many others.

Our company owns the following aluminum alloy compression machinery and equipment: - 2 horizontal machines with a closing effort of -250 t; maximum cast weight of 1.5 kg. - 2 horizontal machines with a closing effort of 400 tons; maximum cast weight of 3.0 kg. - 1 new 300-tonne new, 300-tonne horizontal, fully automated for excellent detail with large series of automotive industry. - 1 horizontal machines with a closing effort of -950 t; maximum cast weight of 15 kg. For finishing processing details our company has 4 pcs. grinding machines, 4 pcs. machines for drilling holes and threading, 2 pcs. vibroplate machines and 1 pc. drab machines. Quality control of aluminum alloys, our company controls the supply of aluminum alloys. The main challenges facing businesses are forced to globalize, thus creating conditions for the prevention of environmental problems such as: Maintain moderate sales growth, which is widespread in the competitive market; Enhancing product quality; Enter new markets with new products and new technologies. In order to be competitive in an environment characterized by internal and external competition, LAKI 131 strives to continuously upgrade the machine fleet and invest in equipment and new processes and technologies to maximize automation of production. The main purpose of LAKI 131 is to offer its clients complex services, including aluminum alloy details, which include: - delivery of aluminum alloy, combined with the customers needs; - production of instrumental equipment, co-operated with instrumental companies; - casting details; - develops a legal process for each item; - finishing, trowelling, blasting; - production of rapid prototypes; - mechanical machining of castings; Spectral analysis of aluminum alloys.

The company produces aluminum parts for light and heavy industry, machinery, furniture, automotive and others.
Casting machines
The company has the following casting machines:
250 t. - 1 machine
280 t. - 1 machine
300 t. - 1 machine
400 t. - 2 machines
650 t. - 1 machine
950 t. - 1 machine
CNC lathes for turning operation and several drilling and tap threading machines. Multi-spindle tapping machines.