About Us

����Company "Laki 131" Ltd. Plovdiv was founded in 1991 by casting non-ferrous pressure deals of 1995, which is the main activity of the company. The staff consists of young professionals trained to work on European standards and EU requirements. The company is certified ISO 9001:2000 since October 2005 g.i sartificate reregistered with ISO 9001:2008 in October 2010. Technical equipment allows casting of all types of aluminum alloy weighing 0.010 kg. 2.5 kg.Ot September 2010. Our company opened a new production facility for machining of aluminum details.Prcess consists of a�CNC turning lathes, threading and other operations associated with subsequent machining of parts already cast our foundry.Kompany has its own production - battery terminals produced by high lead-antimony alloy, a model holding a patent and trademark meet all European st andards.

The company produces aluminum parts for light and heavy industry, machinery, furniture, automotive and others.
Casting machines
The company has the following casting machines:
CNC lathes for turning operation and several drilling and tap threading machines. Multi-spindel tapping machines.